The Impacted

Tyrone's Diary - Slavery.

Nigga, What in the HELL?
This actual bitch asses made me slave for their white asses. Nigga, this shit pissed me right off. Aight, I’ll tell ya’ll what the fuck goin’ on.
This nigga. aight? this small ass, short ass bitch ass GNOME ASS thought i was slavery, cuz the fuggin’ crackas told me i was doin shit like that. this bitch still living in the second age? nigga what you doin?
if my papa find about this shit, he gon’ whoop his ass. He gon’ lecture him bout shit we go through. And guess what? I ain’t showin’ my new mixtape no more. Those bitches can pay for that shit, ya’ll know what i’m sayin?
But my mama taught me better. she say i gotta be good, even if niggas fuck around with you and your hood. That the ghetto way. the forgiving way. I ain’t wanna be bad. I ain’t gon’ shoot, just because they do. And one day i tell ya, we gon’ have a world of peace and love.


trexmor1126 junu_kim

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