The Impacted

Tyrone's Diary - Frogs

To start off, we got a new member in the hood. The cracka’s name is Luke Skywalker, or was it Luke Starwars? Tha bitch ass pushed his lever with his crap ass bow skills and released that devil mofo. but thank tha lord he wasn’t evil. He whooped the goblin leader’s bitch ass, but it wasn’t splig. When i get my hands on that bitch ass goblin, imma whoop his ass. like a real bitch. the leader mofo had me papa and genji’s homie. I freed me papa and he went back to tha castle, and got some bling off from goblin. My papa then taught me negromancy, one of the five elements of Tha Hood – boxing, weaving, sneaking, shooting, and negromancy.
Splig is still controlling us kingdom like in the Second Age. The bitch ass enslaved us and made us do dumb shit. That ain’t happening again.
For now, imma try some negromancy skills to help that midget bitchass. Those giants are whack asf. they tough, but not tough enough to get past the negromancer himself.


trexmor1126 junu_kim

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