The Impacted

The Adventure (Wow, we need a numbering system for these logs)

The fourth Adventure.

By now, the adventurers were left in shock after the hag deceived them. They decided to shortly rest with the halfling girl dying on the Table of sacrifice. They followed the hag into the extremely deep hole. There, they found Kygziak, the Champion of Splig. After he provided the five with information, they gave him a ‘healing potion’ in return. The goblin exploded after drinking it. They found a creature named The Devourer. Gotamug wrangled the creature and killed it with the support of their team. Then, they found the Sea Hag trying to run away. Genji threw a few shurikens at her to cripple her and immobilised her. For the sun sword, Luke made the deal of her giving information and the goblet in exchange of sparing her life and helping her ‘spark the second beginning’. The party took the offer and set off for Twon in a little wooden row boat. Gimble took the devourer’s meat to sell it afterwards. After an hour’s travel, the party became very tired and slept to the sounds of Tyrone’s new mixtape (he was singing Bad and Boujee). In addition to the devourer meat becoming smaller fish with large teeth, their crappy boat was soon found by Luke Skywalker’s friends. They seemed to fear the hag, and said they cannot have her on board. After a friendly chat, they set off for Twon and soon reached the city. Gimble contracted some crippling disease which turned his organs unable to be recovered. This was soon cured by a cleric in Twon. Genji meditated and contacted his master, and he spoke of ways to bring him back as well as Splig’s evil plan to become even more powerful. They headed to the Cracked Flagon and had a great night’s sleep. The next day, Tyrone visited the spellshop to see if the salesman wanted to copy down any of his spells. After learning it would take five days, he refused sorrowfully and headed to the sewers again to get the Black Market’s shipment with the hag and Luke. What a surprise, they were betrayed by the hag. Luke was knocked unconscious. Tyrone took a scratch from the hag and then barely slept her. Then, he cast three magic missiles directly to the hag’s throat, killing her forever. Thankfully, their friends entered the sewers. Genji had some bad news – Splig had gone to StoneTooth, to ‘create’, according to Kygziak. They quickly returned to the Black markets to return the shipment. Rir Igia looked very happy – The party had found their Ground unicorn horns, ‘good herbs’ and one explosive potion. Tyrone was complimented and was given a portion of the ‘good herbs’. After sniffing the herbs, Tyrone walked Zig-Zaggedly to the Castle and told his father about this bad news in a loud, inaudible noise. Unhappy about Tyrone’s substance abuse however cautious of this event, Erdellal Williams offered them transport, money for supplies and potions as well as extracting the intoxication out of Tyrone. Genji bought potions from Brix Jorde (and recieved discounts for his charismatic bribery), and Tyrone was given a bird. He was to only release it if he was in great danger. They set out for StoneTooth, and Tyrone sang his new mixtape to relish the boredom of the journey.

‘Help!’ the party heard screaming after setting up campsites. A few innocent halflings, gnomes and dwarves were under attack by Orcs. Even after an attempt to save them, the orcs brutally dissected them, except for one; (insert name here). He was the armorsmith Luke was searching for – one that was supposedly at Garret. However, Tyrone offended him by asking if his missing daughter was sexually attractive. He began leaving, offended by this insult, however Luke put the blame on Tyrone and said he was their slave. He laughed and offered to stay with them and take them to the Mountain of StoneTooth. The party slept in the tent, while Tyrone slept outside (typical sign of slavery), however was kept warm because of his cool magic. They set out for another eight days of journey, where Tyrone made witty and offensive remarks which made (insert name here) carve an ‘S’ on Tyrone’s forehead as well as offering to cut his lips off. The party also ran into worshippers of Ahira
and (insert quest i forgot about here). The journey finished when they arrived at the mountains. (insert name here) parted ways, and pleaded them to search for his daughter. Tyrone, while the man was leaving, chucked him a gold piece to ‘thank the man’ in his service and to make this situation very ironic. The halfing just brushed it off as him getting the money from stealing. There laid the mountain of StoneTooth. it was armed by orcs and bastions. Was splig in there? Would the situation become so worse that Tyrone has to release ‘The bird’? Will Erdellal forgive Tyrone for substance abuse?

It will all be revealed in the next session of Dungeons and Dragons, with Micheal as the GM.


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