The Impacted

The Adventure, Continued

The four heroes carried down into the mines. They discovered an entire goblin hideout, with nifty cranes, ladders and ancient spells carved into the wall. They then ran into a fifth member to the team, named Luke Skywalker. Their first attempt on the attack failed miserably, with Genji – the most skilled hero in the team, down. The five heroes hunted down giant geese, while Gimble plotted on creating a massive army of gigantic geese. This was never put into action. On their second attempt to attacking the goblin hideout, the group faced a very strange trader named Perry McFiggle. He offered frogs, a ‘very fast transport’, to the party, which they gladly turned down. a devil, trapped in a cell, begged for mercy in exchange of his service of destroying the goblin squadron. Tyrone’s father and Zenyatta was also in a separate cell, attached onto the crane. Luke accidentally shot the lever to release the devil, and the devil destroyed the goblin squadron as promised. He allowed the group to take the treasure and leave. Zenyatta unfortunately died and the king of Twon was freed. The heroes encountered Perry again. The king was frightened of frogs, and demanded they leave. Gimble bought a very cool frog which was promised to dance and sing however later turned out to smell like lemon and Luke bought some dodgy healing potion.
They returned to the tavern and hired a main room. The group looked for information and sorted out their possessions.
On the next day, Gimble wished they could hunt for hill giants. The hills required horses to access, and the horses required money to access. The king provided them with horses for his son and his friends. After reaching the hills, they encountered a giant. Luke threw his ‘healing potion’ at the giant, which inflicted a huge amount of pain. Screw you, Perry McFuggle.
They also encountered a witch, who the party later killed for using necromancy and putting their lives in danger with zombies.
The giant was later killed by the heroes. It was finished off by Tyrone using his magic missiles. The giant exploded, and Gimble scooped its blood with a jar from Perry.


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